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TmaxSoft Technologies Pvt Limited
Profile Brief of Raghu Radhakrishnan
Raghu Radhakrishnan is the CEO & Managing Director of TmaxSoft in India. He is responsible for building people, leaders and the organisation, thereby strengthening the TmaxSoft presence in communities across India and for gaining market share. He is responsible for assisting the Indian enterprise to adopt to TmaxSoft Technologies and help them solve their perennial problem of high TCO. His other responsibilities include building institutional relationships with public authorities, industry associations and in creating a long term ecosystem of like-minded partners.

Raghu joined TmaxSoft in 2015 and in his previous avatar has held various senior executive positions in IBM, Modi Olivetti, Digital etc. He is a Mechanical Engineer from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India and has over 27 years of sales and Marketing experience in the IT Industry. Raghu's significant achivement in his career span has been in building a high performance team in IBM from scratch and growing the business to 100 M USD in three years.

Raghu’s vision is to catapult TmaxSoft into the leadership position in database, middleware and cloud Technology in India within the next three years. He aspires to see TmaxSoft as a software technology powerhouse in India and globally. His focus is also on building a strong R & D team and world class support centre catering to India and the world market.

Raghu is investing his time and energy around re-imagining the Tmax strategy and culture, building a deep, focused Software Technology portfolio with an eye on becoming one of the top 5 software technology companies in the world by 2020.

Raghu’s personal interests include listening to music and writing blogs on cricket. He is married to Surya, an IT professional and has a son, Keshav